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World cycling championship 2013

The world road cycling championship will be held in Florence and Tuscany from September 22nd to the 29th, 2013, an extraordinary occasion in which the beauties of Florence will be a backdrop to an important event that will bring income into many sectors in the city, but that also will cause some inconvenience to daily life for residents and those working in the city.

The City will be providing information, updated daily, on this page about disruptions to the circulation of traffic.

Check this page frequently for updates in order to plan your travel on these days. 

Index of Topics

Interactive Maps    Day by day mobility      Focus regarding race tracks       Parking Plan for residents 
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Interactive Maps




The GIS of the Comune, in collaboration with the office of Public Transport, has created interactive maps (in italian) for each day of the race, containing the geotagged race course, the microviability of areas, restricted traffic zones, pedestrian areas, ect. kept up to date, enriched with information as soon as it becomes available.

 Suggestions for utilization of itineraries provided: 

  1. Select the day and time slot of interest from the drop down menu located on the top right
  2. Click on the icon cercaP to set the point of departure and the destination. 
  3. The route to move through different zones will be displayed on the column to the left and on the map. The route will not show how to navigate through specific roads.

N.B.: The maps are optimized for viewing through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To visualize with Explorer, modify the browser settings.

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Day by day mobility

Below is all the information regarding modifications made to the viability during the week of the cycling championship: maps with the race tracks, times, how to move between districts (quartieri) by car and by public transport.

N.B.: the viability is subject to modifications and thus it is reccomended to always verify the route before travelling. For more comprehensive information, consult the reccomended itineraries in relation to the race courses.
ATTENTION: during the break between two successive races in the same day, the race course will not be reopened to normal circulation.

Links regarding public means of transport: 

Ataf: informazioni trasporto urbano          Gest: infoTramvia          Provincia: InfoMobilità      

Trenitalia: InfoMondiali - Information regarding special rail road ticket offer (in english)


 Saturday, September 21st

 Sunday, September 22nd

 Monday, September 23rd

 Tuesday, September 24th

 Wednesday, September 25th

 Thursday, September 26th





Friday, September 27th

Saturday, September 28th

Sunday, September 29th

Focus regarding race tracks


Parking Plan for residents

Touristic Bus Plan

Useful information

Useful links

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