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What is SOLVIT?
SOLVIT is a European network uniting 30 national centres that collaborate to resolve problems concerning the misapplication of community regulations by public administrations. The SOLVIT network defends the rights of both European citizens and businesses, works across borders and is based on the principle of administrative collaboration.
The head office that coordinates the 30 European centres (located in the 27 member states of the European Union and 3 other countries in the European economic area) is located near the European Commission in Brussels.

Follow the link> SOLVIT

What can SOLVIT do for you?

SOLVIT carries out an intermediary role, collects complaints and deals with cases regarding the incorrect use of community regulations.

SOLVIT’s areas of intervention so far are:
  • the free circulation of people (e.g. residence permits)
  • birth registrations
  • social security (e.g. reuniting retirement pensions after having worked in two or more countries)
  • the recognition of professional qualifications or diplomas in the different member states
  • health (e.g. complaints or difficulties concerning the reimbursement of medical expenses abroad)
  • the registration in other countries of motor vehicles

SOLVIT’s target deadline for finding a solution is 10 weeks, extendible to 14.

What can SOLVIT not do?
  • It can’t give advice. The persons in charge of the national centres are not experts of community regulations. Nevertheless, for their work they rely on an legal information service, open for all European citizens “Your Europe Advice”, which is able to provide information and advice in a fast and detailed way.

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  • It can’t provide information or take up cases concerning the relationship between consumers and businesses.
  • The complaints subjected to SOLVIT have to be extrajudicial of nature and have to precede possible claims to a judge.

SOLVIT always guaranties an answer, also when it can’t take on the case because it’s outside of it’s expertise.

To submit a case to SOLVIT
The case can be submitted online, or sent by mail, fax or e-mail.
Follow the link> How to submit a case
National SOLVIT centre in Italy
Giuseppina VALENTE
Francesco CIPRI
Presidenza Consiglio Ministri
Dipartimento Politiche Comunitarie

Piazza Nicosia 20
IT - 00186 Roma
Tel. +39 06 677 95 844
Fax. +39 06 677 95 044

Follow the link> National SOLVIT centres


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