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Traffic violations

Specific roles within the police force

There are special groups within the police force that consist of specialized staff and that deal with particular issues. They include:
  • Police who deal with business, tourism and anything else requiring authorization by the administration;
  • Police who protect the environment;
  • Police who deal with local government taxes and fees;
  • Anti Urban Decay sector that checks illegal campsites, settlements, resident permits, etc.

Fine payment abroad

Street Code violations and all the other different violations verified by the Municipal Police of Florence 
On portal you can pay by Credit Card VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS; the online payment is made by the ShopIn.Net system, guarantee by the CR Bank Group of Florence. 
In this way it will be possible to controll later, within a period of 12 months, the result of the translation by using the appropriate ticket released by the system. 
This TICKET will be given during the confirmation of inserted data and it will be optionally send by e-mail. 
In case of an inferior amount typed by mistake instead of the one written on the fine, it will be possible to complete the whole payment by a next transaction referring to the same fine. 
For any other problem or information you may contact the following in e-mail address 

NIVI Credit S.r.l., Div. E.M.O. has been delegated to act on behalf of the Municipal Police of Florence Headquarters regarding the Administrative violations committed by citizens residing abroad

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