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Parks and Gardens

On the 'Verde on Web' website , visitors can find detailed information about the over 200 public green spaces managed by the five Florence districts. There are nearly 3,200,000 square metres of green space in the city, many of which include playgrounds, rest areas, sport fields, dog areas, etc. Search for your district and you’ll find a list of parks. These areas are open and available to all.

One of the largest and most famous green spaces in the city are the Boboli Gardens. They are part of the Palazzo Pitti grounds and are therefore also managed by the Polo Museale (see opening hours and prices). This ticket is combined with the Bardini Gardens.

The 'Parco delle Cascine' is the largest public park in Florence. With its 395 acres it houses a wide variety of flora and fauna, several monuments and other places of interest. It's the perfect place to go for a stroll or a run and the park is also quite appropriate for skating and cycling, because of its long, broad paved roads. The park regularly hosts fairs of all kind, including also several cultural and international events.

Parks with playgrounds (center)
These are the main parks with playgrounds in the historical center.

  • Piazza d’Azeglio: a 19th century park modeled on English squares in a beautiful residential area not far from the Sant’Ambrogio market, with a carousel as well as more modern playgrounds;
  • Borgo Allegri: a small local park in the Santa Croce area with a little slide and green lawn; 
  • Carraia - via dell'Erta Canina: with an impressive 19th century stairwell, this large green space is situated on the hills near piazzale Michelangelo and is equipped with soccer fields, an extensive playground, parking, dog area and more;
  • Ciompi: piazza dei Ciompi contains a small paved playground;
  • Ex Scuderie di Porta Romana: a large green space near Porta Romana with an old-fashioned playground and plenty of shade due to the numerous trees;
  • Piazza Tasso: a nicely equipped park in piazza Torquato Tasso with areas for children of various ages as well as soccer, basketball and volleyball courts.

For other smaller areas or the ones outside of the center please see the 'Verde on Web' website linked above.






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