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Pedestrian Zones

The city of Florence is committed to preserving its historic monuments through the reduction of traffic in the historical center. Changes in two phases from 2009 to 2011 resulted in the creation of new pedestrian-only zones.
The first phase left the area around Piazza Duomo inaccessible to traffic from 2009 onwards. Over 1000 buses per day passed next to the Baptistery with around 20,000 passengers. This change caused a major re-routing of public transportation which now centers on two hubs at Piazza San Marco and at the Stazione Santa Maria Novella. In June 2011 the second phase was implemented, making areas around Piazza Pitti and via Tornabuoni pedestrian-only as well.
No cars may enter or park in these areas, with the very limited exceptions below.

Pedestrian zones on map  

Who can enter pedestrian areas (aside from pedestrians)?

Tourists (by taxi)
If you are staying in a hotel within the pedestrian area, you may request a pass from the hotel to access the area at any time of day. This applies only for the loading and unloading of luggage and is valid for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Taxis and NCC (licensed drivers) may access pedestrian areas only for a hotel destination, and only from 9 pm to 9 am.
Parking is prohibited at all times.

Bicycles (including electric ones) may always access pedestrian areas. In case of a roadblock bikes may be brought by hand onto the sidewalk, and precedence must be given to pedestrians. Bike parking is permitted only in designated areas.

Scooters (motorini) may access the pedestrian areas from 9 pm to 9 am.

Emergency services
Emergency vehicles in service, with lights and sirens on, may always enter the pedestrian areas and stop and park wherever necessary.



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