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Florence is divided into 5 districts. Each one of these districts has a certain level of independence and manages its own local services, depending on the program of the central Local Government in Florence. The districts are in charge of their own public works such as maintenance work on buildings, dealing with uninhabited buildings, locally run social services and the local education service. They do all this in accordance with regulations set by Florence’s central Local Government.

Government bodies and how they are elected

  • District Council (Consiglio di Quartiere): this local body decides how to organize itself and how to operate. The District Council is elected by citizens at the same time as the elections for the Local Government.
  • President of the District Council (Presidente del Consiglio di Quartiere): is elected by the District Council.
  • Board of the Presidency (Collegio di Presidenza): this is an executive body made up of the President, Vice President and permanent Presidents of the Commission.

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District 1: Historic Centre - this is the heart of the Renaissance City

piazza S. Croce 1
Tel.: 055 2767618
Fax: 055 2767639


District 2: Campo di Marte – this district is located northeast of the city centre and is home to the most important sports centres in Florence

piazza Alberti, 2/a
Tel.: 055 2767831
Fax: 055 2767838


District 3: Gavinana-Galluzzo – located south of the centre, this district has many green spaces alongside the Arno river

via Tagliamento, 4
Tel.: 055 2767739
Fax: 055 2767740


District 4: Isolotto-Legnaia – this district is located southwest of the centre. It is the most multi-ethnic and welcoming part of Florence

Via delle Torri, 23 - Villa Vogel
Tel.: 055 2767108
Fax: 055 2767123


District 5: Rifredi – this district is located northwest of the centre and is home to the Cascine Park and the Amerigo Vespucci airport

via Lambruschini 33
Tel.: 055 2767020
Fax: 055 2767021

Useful Links
District Council regulation

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