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Line 2


from the terminal at the airport, the line passes under viale Guidoni and the main train route from Florence to Pisa, and subsquently unites on via Novoli.

Exceeding the roundabout on viale Forlanini, on the viaduct of new construction, and the torrents of Terzolle-Mugnone, passing via Buonsignori and via Gordigiani. It continues along the banks of Mugnone and enters in the service area of the new High-Speed railway, from which it exits on viale Belfiore, in correspondence with the Mazzoni building, where the appearance will undergo a significant urban redevelopment.

Then take via Guido Monaco, along via Alamanni which rejoins with Line 1 and interchanges with it at the stop for the Santa Maria Novella Station, until the last stop at piazza dell’Unità (temporary, until the construction of the connection route with viale Strozzi-viale Lavagnini-piazza della Libertà-piazza San Marco)

In the Process of Studying:

  • An alternative to the passage from the Duomo to arrive at piazza della Libertà through the Valfonda-Strozzi - Lavagnini-Libertà route ;
  • An extension from the last station of Peretola Airport toward Castello, that will link the new headquarters of the Province and Region as well as the scientific center of Sesto Fiorentino.

    The Fundamental Functions

    This is a fundamental line for several reasons:

    • Involves the area of greatest development of the metropolitan area (Novoli);
    • Connects the Peretola Airport with the new High Speed station;
    • Serves the new establishments for the University and the Palace of Justice in the area of Novoli;
    • Serves the Historic Center, through the last station in piazza dell'Unità, allowing the complete pedestrianization along the axis that passes next to the Duomo and Baptistery.
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