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What the city is doing 
Under the direction of mayor Matteo Renzi, the city of Florence is becoming progressively more green-minded. Two major actions reflect this dedication to the environment.
The zero-volume plan (Piano strutturale 2010) is an urban planning expansion plan that disallows the adding of more concrete to the city. Even more so, it calls for reclaiming abandoned or obselete buildings to create parking lots, gardens, or renovating the buildings to use them either as housing or offices where necessary.
The city’s new pedestrian areas have been introduced in two phases (see section ‘Pedestrian Zones’ on this website), principally with preservation in mind. Thousands of cars and buses that are now blocked from these streets in the historical center were causing air and noise pollution which resulted in health risks for the residents and damages to the monumental buildings.

What you can do as a resident
There are plenty of ways in which you as a resident of Florence can do your part. Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Ride a bike: Find out about bike lanes and more from Firenze in Bici
  • Take the bus: More information on the ATAF bus lines here

Recycling and Reduction

  • Familiarize yourself with what and where to recycle in Florence (see 'Waste & Recycle’ on this website)
  • Make conscious choices about packaging when you’re shopping
  • If you have a garden in the city of Florence, you can order a free composter from Quadrifoglio
  • Save energy by turning off lights and unplugging idle machines
What you can do as a tourist
When we speak of 'Sustainable Tourism' we’re generally referring to the way we behave when we go somewhere else, or to the kind of choices we make when we choose a vacation destination. If you are visiting Florence, we kindly ask you to:
  • place trash and recycling materials in the appropriate containers (see ‘Waste & Recycle’ on this website);
  • avoid purchasing small bottles of water; bring your own refillable bottle and fill up with tap water or the high quality purified water fountain in Piazza Signoria or elsewhere (see ‘Water’ on this website);
  • choose not to have your towels and sheets changed daily when you're staying in a hotel. Generally hotels will not change towels if you fold and place them on the rack. You may also search for hotels that are certified ‘green’.

For more information about Sustainable Turism in Florence visit the APT website

EcoEquo window
To learn more about ecological friendly and sustainable projects managed by the city of Florence, please visit the Sportello EcoEquo website Here you can find amongst others information on the following subjects:
  • financial ethics
  • fair trade
  • responsible tourism
  • sustainable energy
  • responsible purchasing and lifestyle
  • waste differentiation and reduction
  • re-use and recycling
  • international cooperation and solidarity
  • environmental education

EcoEquo can also be visited at their office in via dell’Agnolo 1C (in the Le Murate complex).

The city of Florence is actively dedicated to Agenda21 project, a series of initiatives that lead to reaching sustainable development during the course of the 21st century.
From within the 'Agenda21 del Comune di Firenze' website, users can connect to three different Agenda21 projects. Each one is different according to the area and other specifics, but they are all connected to each other by the purpose to reach mutual goals.

Useful Links

Agenda21 website Tuscany

Agenda21 website Florence Area
Ufficio Città Sostenibile

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