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Line 3.1

Take Note: The stops at Vittorio Emanuele II and Poggetto are in the process of revision and are not present in the modification, as approved by Council resolution 110/14

Route: From the current end station of Line 1, the line will continue next to the steps of the Santa Maria Novella Train Station to then lead into Piazza Stazione and then onto via Valfonda. At the height of Piazza Stazione, in the vicinity of Piazza Unità, will be located the temporary terminal for the use of line 2 of the tramway.
The tramway line then continues past Piazza Bambini and Bambine di Beslam, continuing next to the gardens of Fortezza da Basso and then leads into Via dello Statuto, crossing the bridge on Mugnone and the railway underpass; here will remain a lane in the direction of Careggi.
From the underpass, the trail crosses Via Guasti, Piazza Viessuex, Via Gianni,. Piazza Leopoldo and Via Tavanti, where there is expected to be a “fork” from the line on Via Vittorio Emanuele, with a single track in the direction of Careggi and on Via Corridoni/Pisacane, with single track that returns towards Centro Storico.

In the process of being designed:

  • The so-called variant Rifredi as an alternative to the "fork", which provides for the passage of the tramway track with a double track on Via Pisacane, within an area managed by the company Enel, and Via Rifredi.

In both cases, the path leads into piazza Dalmazia, runs through all of viale Morgagni, even to Largo Brambilla, where there is expected to be a maintenance of two vehicular lanes in each direction and the fast lane for ambulances. The last station is expected to be in front of the main entrance of the hospital of Careggi.

    The Fundamental Functions

    Line 3 (first lot) is a fundamental line for the final structure of the mobility of Florence, for several reasons:

    •  It affects densely populated areas (Rifredi and Statuto).
    • Connects in the Hospital of Careggi with the Historical Center and as a result, through the means of line 1 and line 2, respectively with Scandicci and with the Peretola Airport.
    • Connects the railways stations of Santa Maria Novella and Statuto, passes a few hundred meters from the Station of Rifredi and allows you to reach, through line 2, even the new High Speed Train Station. 
    • Connects the University of Careggi with the Historical Center.
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